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Class schedules are needed to order textbooks. After adding all of the textbooks to your cart, continue on to pay by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please contact Mrs. Gillette at bookstore@usn.org

Used books are available for most of the larger hardback textbooks. If the textbook lists a price range, click on the blue textbook title and go to the “Available Options, Condition” drop down menu and choose your preference. The price and availability will be displayed. Enter the quantity and click “Add to Basket.”

Used textbooks are available in three categories.

Excellent (almost new like)

Good (cover is rougher around the edges and may have a name written on the outside)

Fair (cover more worn than good, but still very usable)

All used textbooks are thoroughly checked for excessive writing, highlighting and missing pages. Our used textbooks should not have any questions answered and are cleaned and polished before becoming available for sale.

If you are not satisfied with a used book condition, you may trade up (on availability of other textbook conditions) and pay the difference.


Middle School textbooks are listed by grade in “Shop by Grade” or by individual courses in “Shop by Course Title”; for example, English, 5th Grade.

Students need all of the books listed for each Course Title.

7th Grade needs to purchase Foreign Language textbooks for only the Foreign Language they are taking.

8th Grade Spanish, French and Latin continue to use the textbook and workbook they used in 7th Grade.

8th Grade Chinese needs new textbooks and they can be located in “Middle School Foreign Language”

or “Chinese, 8th Grade”.


High School textbooks are most easily found in the “Shop by Course Title”

Students need all of the books listed for each Course Title.

If a Course Title is not listed, then books are not needed for that course.

French 1, Spanish 1, and Latin 1 all use the same textbooks as the 7th and 8th grades.

Chinese 1 uses the same textbooks as Chinese, 8th Grade.